Each Athlete will train, travel and compete in various competitions throughout a 8 month span. They will go through challenges and overcome obstacles. Let us not forget the excitement of a great Track and Field experience. It is our duty to ensure the utmost and expedient experience for every athlete and parent. We are here to be a place where you can flurish as an athlete. Thus, with ease of mind through the season this one time fee will cover your athlete with the following,



Registration Fees include uniforms, insurance, AAU and USATF membership, facility rental, coaches’ memberships and background checks, & equipment.

Returning Athlete - Adult

  • This training will be a 8 month training program 3 days a week on the track and 2-3 days a week in the weight room. The training consists of various training modalities. There will be a physical demands on the athlete that will create the results that they need to qualify for nationals and beyond. They will have the opportunity to compete against various athletes across Florida, the Region (southeast states) and The Nation. 

    Join us as we take an exciting and thilling adventure in the world of athletics!

  • Once the session or packet is paid it is non refundable. 

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