Off Season Blues

With Covid on the loose and the economy in shambles, will their be a 2021 Track and Field season? News from the site and Florida organization, states we are in effect and following guidelines. The Cross Country Championships will be held on Oct. 17th, 2020 for Junior Olympic Runners. The Open and master's event will be held the same day. Both events will be in Lakeland, Fl.

Last season the Falcons had a good start, which then turned into a rough and uneventful competition due to the breakout of Covid. We expect this year to be very different. Every Staff member from our club is taking action to do to prepare athletes for the new season. We think we will get a slow start to the season but an exciting one! If we are 'Cautious and Steril' this is sure to prove much for a safer season.

Our returning roster is promised to be added to with more eager athletes and new excited staff members. The season that is before us is sure to be an eye opener.

Preregistration, (50% of registration cost) open on Nov 1, 2020 for the 2021 season. Nov 29th, the last day to register mark's the official finalization of registration and the commencement of club operations.

As we have favorable memories of improvements from athletes such as Aaron Perez, in our 7-8 division who set a team record in the 400m open. The enthusiasm and heart of Anouk Jones, whos little legs are more powerful because of her heart. As well as the confidence and determination of Falcons like Zion Williams. Determined focused and ready.

Regardless of there individual awesomeness they all will be able to impress the state of Florida and soon the world.

From our Adult Squad, Jason Coulthart made efforts to train even though the year was being Sabotage by the disease. Jason was a strong athlete mentally fortify and ready to improve his pole vault and open runs. Other athletes will be joining the adult side of the organization this year as the adult division grows respect for the sport for Masters and Open divisions will also grow.

Come join us at registration on November 1st online, in person or on our website. Then again on November 29th. These locations and times will be posted to our web page, and social media platforms as well as this blog. Very soon we welcome you and we all will be shouting, go Falcons!

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