Mission Statment

We are a non-profit organization that induces integrity, honor, and character in Youth and Adult Athletes by way of physical and mental fitness in Track and Field.

About BSTC

       The Blue Streak Track Club (BSTC) was Founded and established by Quentin Mack (Coach Qu. Mack) November 4, 2015 in Tampa, Florida.

            His Vision is to assist athletes (Youth ages 3-18, Open ages 19-29 and Masters ages 30-99) in pursuing an athletics career beyond their limits by leading, training, and developing them to becoming professional world-class athletes.  Preparing them to compete at all levels (to include AAU, USATF, and IAAF) With the help of "The Learning and Lifestyle Development Association”, The Blue Streak Track Club became a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization in 2019.  Which was pivotal to its success.

          The Blue Streak Track Club's (BSTC) goal have always been, to create a safe environment that will inspire, motivate, and encourage athletes of all ages in Athletics.

         BSTC is focused on the enrichment of athletes by way of instilling values that improve every aspect of their lives. BSTC Conditions athletes physically, mentally, and emotionally. We believe that leading by example is vital to create life skills that will impact the athlete's education, athleticism, and community awareness. Which is vital to their development in becoming successful citizens and pillars in our communities.

            Here at the BSTC home "The Falcon Nest", our coaches and staff members encourage a family atmosphere and expect our athletes to look out for each other. Not only in track and field, but in life.

A strong foundation of Professionalism, Integrity, and family is all a Falcon needs.

Early Registration is Nov. 1, 2020

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